Pella Architect Series

With Pella, you get so much more than stunning windows

Modern & Contemporary Windows

Designs feature expansive glass and minimalist frames

Thoughtfully Designed

In an elegant expression of the window-crafting art, Architect Series windows feature finely detailed sash and grille profiles to add drama and architectural interest to your home.

Features & Benefits

Rated #1 for Innovation by homeowners across the country

Rated #1 for Highest Quality by homeowners across the country

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Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing out at the bottom to allow ventilation and protection from rain. They are often placed
Casement windows are hinged on the side and crank open outward to the left or right allowing for full top to bottom ventilation. Common
Double-Hung windows have two operating sash that move up and down allowing for ventilation on the top, bottom or both.
The bottom sash moves up to allow air to flow into the home on a Single Hung window and the top sash is fixed.
These windows are stationary and do not open. This makes them more energy efficient and allows for larger sizes than a window that vents.
Bay and bow windows are created by combining three or more windows together so that they angle out beyond the house wall. They can

"These windows are excellent. The clean, contemporary look updates our home style and certainly adds value."