Important Tips on Properly Caring for James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

James Hardie fiber cement siding is a highly durable and beautiful siding that adds a lot to your home. However, just like any type of siding, it requires maintenance somewhere down the road, especially if you are living in harsh weather conditions.

Although James Hardie fiber cement siding comes with a 30-year, non-prorated warranty, it is still a good idea to keep an eye on the condition of the siding especially if you recently purchased a home and moved-in with your family.

Here are a few tips to help you properly care for fiber cement siding.

Tips to Help You Properly Care for Fiber Cement Siding

  • Fiber cement siding is typically moisture resistant, however, there are parts of the siding that can easily be affected by condensation, mold, and water leaks. So, it is important to check the caulk surrounding every year for any cracks or gaps.

Rainwater is the usual culprit that can often enter these small openings and damage the wall the siding is protecting. You can fix minor problems yourself but for extensive damage, consider getting help from professionals like United Windows and Siding.

  • In addition to checking the caulk, you also need to make sure that your roof gutter system is working in optimal condition because gutters that overflow can cause the water to damage many areas of your home, and siding is one of them.

Clean your siding regularly to preserve its appearance and any growth of mold or mildew. But make sure to avoid using pressure washers to clean the siding because this can lead to further damage. Instead, just use mild soap and water with a garden hose and a soft-bristled brush.


Signs of Damage and When You Need Repairs

  • By following the tips written above, you should be able to keep your siding in good condition for many years to come. But if you see signs of excessive damage, it is a good time to call in the experts to deal with the problem.

A few of the signs that you should look for include excessive mildew growth, fading colors, and increased energy bills.

If your siding is indeed heavily damaged, it can lead to further damage to the wall underneath.


Get Professional Help Today

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We are a company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction and we always keep our promises. We also ensure that every job is done with precise care, which is why we always go the extra mile for our customers.

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