What to Look for When Buying Replacement Windows and Doors in Falcon, CO

If your home’s windows and doors are more than 20 years old, there’s a good chance you’ve started to feel the effects of their age and wear. The long years of exposure to sun and elements can cause your windows and doors to lose efficacy as the first line of defense against weather and intrusion. Perhaps you’ve noticed small water leaks during stormy weather, or air leaks drafting through the home bringing winter cold in. Buying high-quality replacement windows and doors in Falcon, CO, will remedy these concerns.

Window and door technology has dramatically advanced in recent decades. But not every provider or manufacturer uses the latest and best practices when fabricating modern windows and doors. As a consumer, you want to make sure you are getting the best value for the dollars you spend on these products. Here are several things to look for as you research the various products on the market today:

Energy Efficiency

As a consumer, be sure to look for window and door products that are engineered to maximize their energy efficiency. You can do this by making sure the products are Energy Star rated. Energy Star is a program promoted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to help protect the environment and to help consumers save money on home energy costs. Window and door companies voluntarily submit their products for testing and rating against the energy star efficiency standard. This information helps consumers understand the performance quality of the product they are purchasing.

Depending on the quality of the window you buy, you can get double pane windows that are filled with argon gas. This gas is an effective insulating buffer against the summer heat or winter cold. Additionally, many windows will come with Low-E glass coating to help deflect more than 80% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This feature makes it much easier to maintain the internal climate of your home and to protect your furniture and carpets from sun fade. Also, be sure to inquire about the window frames for chambering technology or other methods of increasing the window insulation capability.

One of the benefits of installing energy efficient replacement windows and doors in Falcon, CO is lower monthly utility bills. Over time, this savings will help offset the cost of installing replacement windows. As a bonus, energy efficient windows will also decrease the workload of your heating and cooling system, thereby lowering the long-term maintenance and repair costs to the system.

Home Security and Safety

The safety and security of your home is a high priority. Here at United Windows & Siding, we only install reputable products that have been vetted against industry forced entry testing standards. When using our recommended window and door products, would-be intruders will struggle to gain access to your home from the outside because of the high integrity of our lock systems and the quality of materials and fabrication. On the other hand, everyday window use from the inside of your home is easy and accessible. More importantly, our intuitive lock systems safeguard your family against emergency situations such as a house fire. In these stressful situations, it’s important that adults and children can quickly understand how to open a window without leading to panic.

If wanted, we can further bolster your home security by installing laminated glass. Glass that is interlaid with laminate is nearly impossible to penetrate. If a thief or unwanted guest tries to access your home by breaking a laminated window, they will not succeed. Although the glass will shatter, it will remain in the frame and will not fall to the ground. Consequently, it remains an effective barrier to entry, protecting your family and belongings.

Installing Replacement Windows and Doors in Falcon, CO

A lot of general home contractors claim to know how to install windows properly. And some do. However, to ensure your product is installed without any question, it’s important to use a specialty window contractor. These contractors have expert training on the window and door products they are installing. It can make a significant difference in the successful outcome of your window upgrade project. Always ask your window team for a recommended installer.

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