Every home has windows to let in light, air, and outdoor views. The right window can also help your energy expenses, while the wrong window can make your house much more expensive.

If your Littleton, CO home has old, malfunctioning windows, or you’re noticing higher energy bills or more drafts, it might be time to invest in new, energy efficient replacement windows. Not only do energy efficient replacement windows improve the appearance of your home, but they can also yield up to a 78 percent return on the initial window investment!

Why should you invest in energy efficient replacement windows? Here are four good reasons:

1) Lower Your Utility Costs – Standard windows can lead to lots of heat loss or heat gain; neither of which is good in Littleton, CO, where the summers are hot and the winters are cold. Standard windows can also blow and build up lots of condensation. This is unattractive and can lead to air leakage and drafts, meaning you have higher utility bills. You can lower your utility bills by 15 percent (on average) just by installing energy efficient replacement windows.
2) Lose The Condensation – Windows can build up lot of condensation over time when the window’s inside surface temperature drops below freezing, there are high humidity levels in the area, or when the gas seals break because of extreme temperatures or age. Colorado sees both high humidity and freezing temperatures, so it is a great idea to get energy efficient replacement windows to increase proper air circulation and ventilation, effectively reducing the humidity inside your home and better maintaining the temperature.
3) Comfortable Temperatures – Energy efficient replacement windows don’t just save you money on energy – they also help keep your home more comfortable! During the hot months, the windows hold onto solar heat and prevent it from seeping into your home. In the winter, this thermal retention will keep the window glass warm and help maintain a comfortable temperature without overworking the HVAC system.
4) Lower Maintenance Costs- Standard windows are often made of wood and require lots of maintenance to stay functional and fashionable. In addition to annual inspections, wood windows require sanding, painting, staining, resealing, washing and more on a regular basis. Other types of energy efficient replacement windows, like vinyl, require none of that hard work. They are made to stand up to weather with minimal cleaning and repairing and absolutely no repainting. This saves you time and money on upkeep and maintenance.

The above are just four examples of why you should invest in energy efficient replacement windows and there are many, many more! Energy efficient replacement windows can really change your homeowner experience for the better.

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