When to Install Replacement Windows and Doors in Monument, CO

Years of exposure to sun and weather takes its toll on a home and its varying features and fixtures. Windows and doors are among the most utilized features of a home and are most subject to the stresses of everyday use. They play a vital role in the defense against weather and intruders. Because of their essential role, it’s important they are maintained and occasionally replaced. So when should you install replacement windows and doors in Monument, CO?

Here are five signs it may be time to update these critical products in your home:

1. Broken Glass and Weakened Doors

This one may be the most obvious and consequently is at the top of the list. Broken window glass is not only a safety hazard, but it’s also a security concern. A damaged window is an invitation to enter by those with less than honorable intentions. If repair is not an option and the window is not replaced before the cold season, it can even become a health concern due to weather exposure. You can board up a window temporarily, but your home will not be as secure as it needs to be.

A broken door is also a threat to security because it can be easily compromised by unwanted intruders. Doors are opened and closed daily, sometimes even kicked, leaned on, or slammed shut. We interact with these products nearly every day. Over time, this wear and tear can damage even the strongest door. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to broken glass or weakened doors, be sure to fix or replace them promptly.

2. Leaking, Broken Seals, and Condensation

If you notice any water leaking through your window during a storm, you likely have a seal that has been damaged. You may not be able to see the breach or even pinpoint its whereabouts, but the evidence of leaking water is undeniable. Over time, a bad seal may or may not increase in compromise, but it matters if it isn’t fixed. Leaking water can damage walls and carpets, causing a stain, odor, and even mold or mildew to thrive.

Condensation may also appear on or around the edges of your windows, or even inside the window if it is multi-paned. This sign can also indicate a seal is damaged, and that heat gain or loss is occurring at an increased rate. If this symptom has made itself known in your home, it would be a good time to consider replacement windows and doors in Monument, CO.

3. Poor Energy Efficiency

A window that leaks water is also leaking air. Not all air leaks are water leaks, although the reverse is always true. In any case, an air leak is a breach in the weather tight seal of your home that will cause draftiness to occur, leading to temperature variation. If you notice areas throughout your home around your windows and doors that are not consistent with the internal climate, you may have an air leak. This issue leads to higher utility bills and a heating and cooling system that needs to work harder to maintain the indoor temperature of your home. Over the long run, your increased energy and HVAC repair and replacement costs will be higher than they should be.

4. Old Technology

The windows and doors of yesteryear were built on the current technology and understanding. In recent decades the window and door industry has advanced leaps and bounds. If your windows and doors are more than 20 years old, it may be worth a look at upgrading them with modern products.

5. Outdated Style and Design

Sometimes a home needs a remodel to bring it current with modern styles and design trends. If a home is old enough that it appears dated, it will likely benefit from updated technology and replacement of older, weather-worn windows and doors. These products can contribute a lot to improve both the function and curb appeal of an older home.

Free Consultation for Replacement Windows and Doors in Monument, CO

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