Tips to Evaluate Replacement Windows and Doors in Larkspur, CO

We live in a day and age of plenty where there is no shortage of options. As a consumer, it is incredible to have so many choices in the marketplace. Almost every product has a competing option for you to consider, and windows and doors are no exception. Because most of us only need to buy replacement windows and doors in Larkspur, CO on rare occasions, it’s hard to develop any personal expertise about these products. As a consumer, how should you go about evaluating windows and doors that you are considering to purchase? Here are a few tips to help you evaluate your options:

Consider Energy Efficiency Ratings

In recent decades, the industry has begun to develop windows and doors that are highly energy efficient. The best products are engineered to maximize their insulating power and reduce thermal transfer across the threshold of your windows and doors. Properly installed, these products create a weather-tight seal that dramatically improves your ability to maintain the internal climate of your home, and to reduce the amount of work that your heating and cooling system needs to perform.

Look for windows and doors that have been EnergyStar rated. This program is sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. It was launched in the early 90’s to help consumers reduce energy costs and to help protect the environment. If a product has been energy star rated it means it meets the rigorous efficiency requirements of that standard.

Look for Quality and Durability

In many ways, this goes hand in hand with efficiency ratings. A well-built, quality window or door product will likely perform better than a poor one over both the short and long run. As you review window quality, it’s a good idea to consider the materials used in the fabrication of the product. Is the frame made of aluminum, fiberglass, wood, or vinyl? They all have their advantages and disadvantages, and not all are best suited to every climate.

These days, vinyl tends to be a popular choice in climates with a cold season due to the ability to use air chambering technology to help increase resistance to heat loss. Vinyl also requires little maintenance over the duration of its useable life.

Assess Features of Safety and Security

Keeping your family safe, and your belongings secure a high priority. In many ways, it’s hard to put a price on the importance of these things. Only you can decide what level of protection you need to safeguard your home. As you assess the security of a window, make sure that the product has been tested against industry forced entry testing standards. Also, look for high-quality lock systems that are extremely difficult to jimmy open from the outside, yet intuitive and easy to use from the inside. This feature prevents unwanted intruders from easily entering your home, yet makes it easy for those living in the home to use the product as intended.

Well-designed lock systems are also important in an emergency situation that requires adults or children to escape from a window. If the window lock is not simple enough for a child to understand and use to escape a dangerous house fire or gas leak, you should probably look for another solution.

Review Options for Customization

If you’re looking to install replacement windows and doors in Larkspur, CO that can be customized to meet particular size or shape configurations, such as for a decorative showpiece window, some companies can provide these specialized services. Customizations can also include creative adjustments to the design and style, color, material, quality of glass, etc. If you have something in mind for your home, we can help guide you in the creative process, and we’ll fabricate it to your exact specifications without compromising on quality.

Making a Purchase Decision for Replacement Windows and Doors in Larkspur, CO

The tips written here are a high-level overview of things to look for as you prepare to make a purchase decision. Even so, as a consumer with only basic knowledge of windows and doors, it can be overwhelming to shoulder the burden of avoiding industry pitfalls or products that are not up to par.

That’s why United Windows & Siding offers a free consultation with a window and door professional to customers in our service area. When you call to set up an appointment, we’ll ask a few preliminary questions so that we understand a bit more about your wants and needs. Then, we’ll set up a convenient time for you to meet with one of our experts to come to your home and help you think through your options for replacement windows and doors in Larkspur, CO. Our showroom is located at 1755 Telstar Drive Suite 300, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920. Contact us during business hours at 720-535-4767. We’re here to help!

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