If you’re getting ready to replace the windows in your Golden, CO home you need to start planning!

While it doesn’t take much work to prepare your home for a windows replacement, there is some prep you need to do. We here are United Windows & Siding believe in providing our customers with all the necessary information for a smooth window replacement project.

Read on to learn more about how to best prepare your home for a window replacement so you can have a positive experience.

1.Schedule The Replacement When It’s Convenient For You – Think about you and your family’s daily routine and how it involves the parts of your home that will be taken out of commission during the window replacement. Take care to schedule the replacement when it will least disrupt your routine, especially since it’s potentially dangerous to have children or pets around the construction.

2.Clear and Cover Up The Space – There will be some dust and debris from the window replacement, so it’s important to remove and/or cover up any furniture, valuables, or decoration items from the area. Be sure to move anything that might obstruct the work area, too. It’s also important to remove all window dressings and security sensors as they would get in the way of the work and potentially be damaged. If you’re doing your window replacement around a holiday, don’t forget to take down any wreaths or other outdoor decorations.

3.Allow For Full Access – The window contractors will need full access to the rooms and outdoor areas that have the windows that are being replaced. They will be carrying out old windows, bringing in new windows and working with large tools so they need full access and lots of space. Get rid of anything that could block their way and turn off any security systems that could go off during the work.

4.Be Prepared For A Mess – While window replacements might not make as big of a mess as other home improvement projects, there will still be some. Taking out old windows and installing new ones means a lot of scraping, gluing, sanding, drywall patching and even painting, so be prepared for messes like wet paint as well as dust on the floors, windows, surrounding furniture and even outside. While your window contractor should be as careful and neat as possible, you should definitely put down drop clothes or plastic sheets.

Once you do all that prep, all you have to worry about is the window replacement itself. Most window replacement projects should only take a day or two, but there are some variables that may add or take away time. Things like climate, weather, number of windows, type of windows and other variable can affect the length of the installation.

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It’s easy to prepare your home for your windows replacement project. United Windows & Siding offers expert window replacements in the Golden, CO area from 12090 W 50th Place Unit B, Wheat Ridge CO 80033. If you want to learn more about how to prepare your home for a window replacement, give us a call at 720-535-4767.

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