The hardest parts, choosing, purchasing, and installing, replacement windows in Denver, CO, are over. Now comes the most fun part: choosing new window treatments to go with your new windows. Where do you start? One easy place to begin your window treatment search is with what’s trendy for 2019. Any or all of these popular window treatment trends can serve as inspiration for your window treatments.

  • To the Top– Don’t make the mistake of hanging your new window treatments too low. In fact, mounting them just shy of the ceiling will make the room appear larger. Hang either rod or track mounts above the window top for a modern, stylish and impactful look.
  • Roller Shades – Roller shades are coming back with a vengeance. New models offer a more modern spin on the classic roller shade look for tons of fashion and function. You can find roller shades to improve your home’s energy efficiency with curved cellular construction that also adds fun texture. Choose banded shades for a roller function without the heaviness that also offers easier outdoor viewing with view-through sheer sections alternating with opaque pieces.
  • Smart Home Integration – Smart phones, Bluetooth, Wifi and every other kind of new technology is saturating our world. Why not take advantage of this tech for your window treatments? It’s easy to automate your window treatments with Smart Home technology. Choose a program that allows you to integrate your window operation into your phone, a remote, or even your computer. You can program your shades to shut at a certain time or when the room reaches a certain temperature. You can even program them to open and close at the sound of your voice.
  • Color – While it may seem that clean white, crisp grey and other neutrals are here to stay, colorful window treatments are coming back into style for 2018. If you’re scared of a bright color or a solid hue, try bringing some color to your window treatments in more creative ways like a trim or swag. You can also go for sheer fabrics so the color is less pronounced. Blush pink is a subtle yet stylish color, and blue is always a relaxing hue for a home space.

Whether you’re going for a modern, fully integrated home, or are hoping to take a trip back into the world of colorful windows, these trends are sure to inspire. Have fun choosing the treatments for your new replacement windows to make them pop with your personality.

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