If you’re thinking of investing in replacement windows for your Golden, CO home, you should consider impact resistant windows. Impact resistant replacement windows may be a bit more expensive up front, but they are actually a great investment as they can save you a lot of money over time by lowering your energy bills and protecting your home from severe weather. These tough windows are a great option for homes that see a lot of storms or tough weather, and for homeowners that are hoping for extra protection and security.   

What Are Impact Resistant Windows?  

Impact resistant windows are similar to standard windows, but that have strong, impact resistant features added on. Some of these features include impact-resistant glass, thick and durable frames and secure fastenings to elevate their protection efficacy.   

Impact resistant windows are designed to be your home’s first line of protection against many potential problems like severe weather, ill-intending humans, and unnecessary energy use. They are much more desirable than other impact resistant window methods like storm shutter as are much more effective and more aesthetically appealing.   

How Do They Work?  

Impact resistant windows are made with shatter resistant glass and durable frame materials like vinyl or coated wood. Just like car windshield glass, impact resistant glass is made from multiple layers of normal glass with shatter-resistant films installed in between each layer to boost strength and resist cracking or breaking. Impact resistant windows also have extra-sturdy frames to help them stay in place even in the face of tough weather or attempted break-ins.  As a bonus, impact resistant windows’ strength also makes them highly energy efficient, so you use less energy and save money.   

Impact Resistant Window Testing and Regulations   

In order to make sure you get the strength and quality you pay for when you replace your windows with impact resistant models, windows have to pass tests and gain specific certifications in order to be deemed “impact resistant.” These tests and guidelines are designed, regulated and administered by The American Society for Testing And Materials, and are reliable for accurate information and consumer guidance. Impact resistant windows commonly have to pass two tests to insure their effectiveness and safety: the launch missile impact test and a pressure test.   

A common launch missile test consists of a nine-pound, 2×4 piece of wood being launched at the center of the window at 35 miles per hour. If the window doesn’t shatter under the impact, another piece of wood is launched at the corners of the window to test full structural soundness. The pressure test generally consists of simulating 200 mile per hour winds around the window to test airtight seals and resistance.  

If you’re considering replacing your windows, you should look into impact resistant models. If you want to learn more about impact resistant windows, or about Golden, CO window replacement, contact United Windows & Siding. Visit our shop at 12090 W 50th Pl Unit B Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, or give us a call at 720-535-4767 for more information.

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