Windows are expensive, whether you’re building a new home with new ones or replacing your old ones, so it’s understandable that homeowners are reluctant to call window contractors when experiencing problems.

However, there are some window problems that require professional attention that window contractors can provide to help you replace your windows. Some of them include:

1) Blown Windows
Do your windows have condensation or streaks that won’t go away no matter which side you clean? If so, you have blown windows. Windows have multiple glass panes with sealed gas between and extreme weather, harsh temperatures or just the passage of time can break the seal and allow the gas to escape or outside air to get in. Drastic temperature changes, like those we see in Arvada, CO, can cause windows to blow.
There is no way to fix blown windows except to replace them with the help of a window contractor.

2) Drafts
Damaged, old or worn down windows can have a myriad of issues that allow outside air to sneak in causing drafts. Draft make your home uncomfortable and can really drag your energy bills up by making your heater or air conditioner work overtime. Some of these issues include peeling caulk, cracked weather stripping, damaged frames and broken sashes.

While some causes for drafty windows (like old caulk or bad weather stripping) can be repaired, the best and most reliable course of action is to have a window contractor replace them.

3) Rot
Rot is one of the biggest dangers for wood windows. A rotted window lets outside air, pests and even water into your home. Rot also looks awful and reduces your home’s value. Lots of issues can cause rot, from bad painting to weather overexposure to just plain age.
Once rot takes hold, it’s very difficult to get rid of. There are a few ways to repair rotted windows, but the most tried and true solution is to call a window contractor to replace them.

4) Broken Window Panes

Window panes break all the time, but can be very dangerous. Broken glass can cut and let in air and pests, but it also makes your home look terrible.

Depending on the level of the break, you can potentially just replace or repair the glass. However, a pane that’s broken all the way through might have damaged the frame and the window will need to be replaced by a window contractor.

5) High Energy Bills

Windows are wonderful, but they are holes in your insulation that dramatically affect airflow and temperature control. Even the most energy efficient windows still let in outside air and temperatures. However, you can replace old windows with newer, more energy efficient models to greatly reduce this inefficiency and lower your energy bills. Energy efficient windows can save you 7 to 15 % annually on your energy bill!

If your window contractors Arvada, CO is experiencing any of the above problems, it’s time to call window contractors. United Windows & Siding serves the Arvada, CO area from 1209 W 50th Place Unit B, Wheat Ridge CO 80033 as a leading window contractor. Call us today at 720-535-4767 to learn more about how we can help you with your windows.

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