Almost everyone’s heard of Energy Star in connection with windows. But what is Energy Star? And how can it help you find the best energy efficient windows for your Highlands Ranch, CO window replacement?

Energy Star Basics

Energy Star is a United Stated Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, program that helps homes and businesses save money and be more eco-friendly through energy efficiency programs and new technology. A lot of those advancements and programs are geared towards window replacement for both commercial and residential properties to help make them more energy efficient.

Energy Star tests and consequently rates different windows using patented and trusted systems. These ratings help consumers find the most energy efficient windows, depending on specific climate and needs. Window manufacturers do not have to submit to Energy Star testing, but the name has lots of pull for consumers in terms of energy efficiency and is trusted throughout the industry to provide reliable information.

Energy Star Qualified Windows

The following criteria must be met for a window to earn an Energy Star rating for windows replacement:
• Be made by an Energy Star manufacturing partner
• Receive NFRC ratings that meet the EPA’s energy efficiency guidelines
• Pass independent testing by the National Fenestration Rating Council, or NFRC

While there aren’t specific construction or material requirements for Energy Star windows, there are some industry-wide trends in features for all Energy Star rated windows. Some of these common features include:

• Quality Materials – Some window materials, like vinyl, help make windows more energy efficient because they provide better insulation and heat and cold transfer rates.
• Extra Panes – The more glass panes a window has, the more energy efficient it is. Double and triple paned windows are more likely to have higher Energy Star ratings as the extra panes of glass offer more protection.
• Low-E Glass – Low-E glass is a type of coated glass made with a transparent film that helps reflect infrared light back outside to keep your home cool.
• Spacers – Spacers keep dual or triple paned glass panels the proper distance apart for effective insulation and even noise reduction. Most Energy Star energy efficient windows have non-metallic spacers.

Energy Star Energy Efficient Windows for Highlands Ranch

Energy Star knows that different climates require different window construction and properties for effective windows, so they conveniently breaks down the United States into climate zones so consumers can quickly and easily find what properties their windows replacement windows should have.

Highlands Ranch is located in the Northern Climate Zone. When shopping for energy efficient windows for a Highlands Ranch home, look for windows with a Northern Climate Zone Energy Star label.

Energy Star recommends the following ratings for energy efficient windows in the Northern Climate Zone:
• U-factor of 0.27 or less (any SHGC is allowed)
• U-factor of 0.28 AND an SHGC of 0.32 or more
• U-factor of 0.29 AND an SHGC of 0.37 or more
• U-factor of 0.30 AND an SHGC of 0.42 or more

The right energy efficient windows can greatly reduce your electric spending, and keep your home a comfortable no matter what the season.

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