Who doesn’t love windows? They let warmth, light and fresh air into your home to help make it a more comfortable and inviting place. Windows also let in the gorgeous Centennial, CO views!

Windows, however, also take out insulation and potentially let in outside air and temperatures, making your home less comfortable and energy efficient.

But there’s a way to enjoy window benefits without the stress of their negative sides. An easy way to keep your home comfortable without spending too much on energy is by installing energy efficient vinyl windows.

What makes energy efficient vinyl windows so effective? There are three main factors that have an impact on your energy efficient vinyl windows: construction, design and installation.


Design is the first step in making effective energy efficient vinyl windows. While there are lots of options when it comes to window designs, there are a few that stand out in terms of energy efficiency:

– Fixed: Fixed windows don’t open, so naturally they are very energy efficient because they prevent drafts and air leakage. But, they don’t provide any ventilation.
– Casement: Casement windows are hinged on both sides and look fairly attractive. They have lower air leakage rates than other designs because their sashes press tight against their frames when closed.
– Double Hung: The most common window design, double hung windows open with a sliding sash. They also have low air leakage rates, but look a bit nicer than casement windows, making them the most popular choice.


Construction makes a huge difference in energy efficient vinyl windows. There are four main aspects to look for in energy efficient vinyl windows construction: tinted glass, gas fillers, glazing, and reflective coatings.

Energy efficient vinyl windows can lower your energy costs by reducing the amount of solar heat transfer, or letting the outside heat in, in the summer, and increasing the amount of solar heating, or keeping the heat in during the winter. Solar heat transfer is measured in solar heat gain coefficients, or SHGCs, U-Factors, and visible transmittance.

When shopping for energy efficient vinyl windows, look for windows with an SHGC of more than 0.6 for maximum solar heat gain during the colder Centennial, CO months, a high VT for more visible light transfer during the day for better visibility, and a U-factor of less than 0.35 to lower conductive heat transfer during the summer.

Installation With United Windows & Siding

The third most important factor in effective energy efficient vinyl windows is installation.

Always hire a professional to install your new energy efficient vinyl windows to ensure long-lasting and effective windows. No matter how well the windows are designed and made, poor installation will ruin their efficiency.

United Windows & Siding provides superior energy efficient vinyl window installation for the Centennial, CO area. Count on us to help you install vinyl windows that will not only let in natural light and ventilation, but will also help raise your home’s value and lower your energy bills.

Trust United Windows & Siding for expert vinyl windows Centennial, CO services. Call or visit for more information: 720-535-4767, 1209 W 50th Place Unit B, Wheat Ridge CO 80033.

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