Window shades are one of the most flexible window treatment options for replacement windows in Aurora, CO and beyond. These versatile shades offer lots of benefits from convenience and look to energy efficiency. They can be mounted outside or inside the window line, drawn with a spring or a cord, and inhibit or allow light from entering your home.   

The two main kinds of window shades are roller and cellular. While both are great choices, they offer different benefits that might make one or the other better for your home. Read on to learn more.   

Cellular Window Shades  

Cellular window shades are built from a honeycomb structure that not only blocks light, but also traps air between the window and the rest of your house.  Cellular shades are made up of honeycomb shaped cells, and these cells form small air pockets. Each air pocket is another small bit of insulation between the Colorado air and your air-conditioned house. That trapped air adds extra insulation, and is one of the best cellular shade features as extra insulation means a more energy efficient home.   

Cellular window shades come in lots of different fabrics for varying degrees of light filtration. You can choose a more sheer material to let light in, or a thicker one for a blackout effect. Blackout fabrics also add a bit more insulation.   

While cellular shades are effective, they might not match your style.  There are not as many color or style options for cellular window shades; fairly often what you see is what you get. Cellular shades are also a bit more expensive than other window shade options.   

Roller Window Shades   

Roller window shades are simply a piece of fabric mounted on a rolling mechanism so the fabric can move up or down to cover your window. They are very popular in both commercial and residential properties as they are easy to clean and streamlined in appearance.   

Roller shades have a smooth, modern look and are perfect for large windows. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and fabrics so you can easily customize the look to match your décor. They also come in both blackout and light-filtering options. These fabric options can also sometimes block UV rays, glare, and unwanted light to protect your furniture and TV time.   

However, roller window shades do not offer much in the way of insulation. As they are only one piece of fabric, they have almost zero effect on solar gain and heat conduction.  

Which Do You Choose?  

Deciding between cellular and roller shades is really all about what you want and what’s most important to you and your home. Each one has both pros and cons, so there really is no wrong choice. It all depends on your specific situation and window shade needs.   

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