It is a question some families are understandably inclined to ask. Can they wait when it comes to replacing their siding? With budget concerns an ever present reality and other needs around the house looming, siding can all too easily become an afterthought. But given its incredible importance to your home, that really shouldn’t be the case. If you or someone you know are looking for siding replacement in or near Colorado Springs, CO, remember that there are a number of effective solutions at your disposal. Given the extent to which you and your family should taking siding seriously, it may be worth speaking with a professional in order to determine whether now is the right time for a replacement. Old siding or siding that has been subject to serious weather conditions can become a problem for your home, and a potentially expensive problem at that.  

You don’t want that to happen.  

As West Coast Barrier explains, “It doesn’t take to long for worn or damaged siding repair to turn from a relatively inexpensive and minor issue into something much more serious and costly. That’s why your siding repairs should never be neglected or left unchecked. It’s easier to think of your siding as a raincoat: when the rain’s pouring down, your raincoat’s there to protect you from the wind and the rain. One small tear in the wrong place and you’re soaking wet and freezing cold in no time at all! The major difference between your coat and your siding is that your home will eventually develop costly problems, such as structural rot and even mold! This is why keeping up on your siding repairs is incredibly important.”  

Rot can impact parts of your home that keep it safe and structurally sound. So while you may not be terribly excited about the prospect of spending money on siding, remember that structural repairs down the road could become far more costly. To that end, you should generally think of siding as a form of prevention and your first line of protection. While you may be willing to let it appear outdated, you do not want to risk more serious problems emerging over the course of time. Put simply, this is not just a matter of aesthetics. Siding is important to the health of your home, as well.  

Some siding can be affected by extreme temperatures over the course of time, potentially warping in the process. Wooden siding is often subject to the elements, as well, particularly if it hasn’t been properly maintained. It is important that these kinds of siding remain effective when it comes to protecting your home from the elements. And yes, siding can also assure your home remains more comfortable and energy efficient. That may be well worth the investment, too. So while it may be tempting to wait on that siding replacement, it may not be wise. If you aren’t sure, it is probably a good idea to work with an expert in order to make the right call.  

If you are looking into siding replacement in the Colorado Springs, CO, area, consider reaching out to United Windows & Siding. We take your siding seriously and endeavor to meet your family’s needs in a friendly and professional fashion. You can visit us at 1755 Telstar Dr Ste 300, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 or place a phone call to 720-535-4767. 

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